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About Us

Bio Tech Engineering is a company committed to putting innovative solutions and leading edge know-how into practice throughout all of the areas of our activities.

The company was established in 2018 by a group of highly experienced and skilled professionals from the areas of molecular biology and agriculture with the aim to utilize its broad network of partners and associates to develop competitive solutions and introduce new technologies and practices into the specific areas of molecular biology, gene analysis and agriculture.

Whether we are developing innovative GHG negative composting methods, or qPCR kits with simplified application and higher accuracy, we are constantly innovating and shifting boundaries.

In more practical application of our skills and know-how, we are a regional distributor for Biomolecular Systems‘ MIC and Myra devices, along with PCR detection kits.

Our Services

Research and Development

We possess the skills, tools and know-how which allows us to transform new ideas into new technologies and processes.

Our current focus is on developing carbon neutral biological system for treatment of organic waste with and production of algae, and introducing improved, user-friendly, easier to operate  innovative qPCR tests.


Our model of establishing and nurturing long-term relationships and partnerships have resulted in distributor status for leading global biotech companies.

Our portfolio includes products by Biomolecular Systems and  Nippon Genetics. In addition to the product lines, we also provide support in installation and maintenance.


In addition to developing new products and services based on research, we transfrom them into actual biotechnology products.

Our current portfolio includes our own qPCR detection kits for a variety of pathogens, as well as innovative composting solutions, tailored to fit the actual users’ needs and capacities.


We are a group of professionals with vast experience in application of biotechnological tools and best practices.

We are sharing it and expanding the levels of know-how and expertise with our partners and clients, leading to higher quality, accuracy and applicability of the existing and new technologies.